Thursday, January 19, 2006


Some of the work that got me going in '05 and away from the blog band.

BeautiControl AVP. This took us two months to finish. We had one of the cute Bora girls as model :)

New Port City AVP. Another two months. Tough to do 'coz the place doesn't exist yet.

Global Stride AVP. This took us about a month and a half only. Had to make this during call center hours. We wrapped up at 6 in the morning.

Mach 3 Turbo 3D Animated Unveil. Two months to make. Athough the bulk of the work was done by our talented animator, I was still around for moral support.

Gillette Sales Conference. Theme: WWII. Our first attempt at compositing. One month to finish. Eat your heart out Spielberg.

A total of eight and a half months. The time souljacker has been away from the blog.

It looks as if this '06 I will dissappear once more.

But this time I hope the cute girls will find out where I'm hiding.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


What’s this I hear? Star Wars III screened at the Cannes film festival to two standing ovations? Hmm is the force strong with this last installment? Well it's our only hope, to at least bring back the faith to us loyal fans of the first trilogy. (Eh Georgie boy?)

One director from Mali, Souleymane Cisse who watched the Cannes screening said, “It’s a great film. A great commercial film.” Billy Zane said, “It’s like an opera.”

Come May 19 I do wish the force returns on the silver screen. Just like it was back in '77. (Well that’s what ya get Georgie boy for not directing a film in more than 20 years)

Georgie boy plans to come up with a new trilogy of Indiana Jones. Spielberg is once more tasked to helm the production. Let’s hope ol’ Georgie boy learns from his mistakes from the last Star Wars trilogy and not ruin an already swashbuckling classic.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Our first attempt at motorsports television for cable just made its way towards the first turn and hopefully will cross first at the finish line and make its mark at the top of the podium.

The first two episodes of the Asian Formula 3 Super Prix is almost done and will be aired soon over Star Sports. (Schedule of airing will be posted soon)

It was somewhat of an effort to emulate the production styles of Star Sports idols Richard and KC Tan, the people behind the Asian Festival of Speed or AFOS, a TV show that covers top racing events all over Asia including the Asian Formula 3.

It was fun. It was fun interviewing the racers. It was fun composing the shots. It was fun to piece together the TV show. All fun. Addicting.

Despite our limitations in TV technology, I feel we still managed to come out with a solid show. You can hand it to the Pinoys when it comes to finding ways to overcome odds.

There is much to learn from our Asian neighbors. Watching Richard and KC work shows the high standards of TV production in Singapore and the poor state of television in the Philippines.


For 200 dollars, that’s about 10,000 Philippine pesos, we were able to locate a voice talent for one our 3D animated product unveils.

The guy is British.

Guess where we found him.

Over the internet.

A treasure trove of voice talents can found over the internet. Just send ‘em an email of the copy or script and some instructions and the next day he or she’ll give you a sample cut. If you like what you hear, you can wire the money immediately and have a full recording on mp3 the following day which you can download at his/her webpage.


I recommend that local talents do the same.

To expand your horizons.

Also showcase differing styles. These guys just don’t have one way executing their voices. These guys are artists and have varying methods to voice over your script to match your concept. You’ll be surprised how they can change their voices.


Wednesday, February 23, 2005


There are a few people I consider special. Two of them are celebrating their birthday today. So to make them happy I got them gifts. Happy birthday:)

Gryphons are for him. Lumbalumbas are for her.

Monday, February 21, 2005


In desperate need of a brain detox to eliminate lethal toxins caused by killer workloads - - tons of work that crammed most of 2004 and is now seeping through 2005. My mind is burning out or ready to combust. A syringe of bucolic thoughts must be injected soon into my cerebrum to keep me sane. Rejuvenation is in order. A vacation is needed soon.

Talks of a Bohol trip last Saturday certainly pacified the poisons eager to murder my happy thoughts. I must fly to pristine waters and crystal sands soon. There are no monsters on this trip. Fresh feeling is also on board and a wonder cure for my damaged brain.

Switching to a different nerve, my cerebrum’s right hemisphere can’t recall if this occurred mid-December or during the last week before 2005. Blog material at the time but it never made the printing press at all. Blame again pointed at the killer workload.

Now oiled and infused with new ink, the machines are running again with gusto. Just in time to appease the gods dismayed at this meager half-mortal Souljacker. The dismayed gods: the god who watches the dusk, the god who incessantly asks if it’s safe, and the Norse god of thunder who nowadays enjoys singing are looking for offerings. Well, the motors are running smoothly so l bloggeth once more.


The boss called at about 10 that morning wondering where the hell I was and to remind me of a 10:30am appointment. Panic-stricken I jumped out of bed, told the boss I was on my way. After a quick shower, a not-too-good shave, and wearing not-too-well-ironed clothes, I ran off to catch a taxi ride.

But the snagging of the taxi was difficult. Four times I hitched for a cab and four times I got busted. The driver would ask “saan kayo?” I would reply “Katipunan lang ho.” Then the driver would yell “ay ayoko dun trapik!” and leave me alone and deserted on the sidewalk. I decided to do the next best thing. I hauled the incoming FX that said “Cubao Tuazon”. Now the drop off from the FX would make me walk a few blocks to the office and lose precious seconds off the clock, but it was a lot better than a sweltering hot jeepney with lesser stop points and less contamination from carbon dioxide.

Now seated smug at the front passengers side of the FX, I was ready and raring to go. The bells rang, the gates opened and the race was on. I was furious at every pedestrian crossing, every vehicle blocking the way, and every traffic light turning red. The clock on my cell phone read 10:31am and I was late. But I was nearing the corner of Aurora Blvd. and Katipunan Ave. which meant I was almost there. Then, all of a sudden, the friggin driver turns right to pit stop at the corner Caltex station. Not to gas up but to piss! It wasn’t an empty gas tank but a friggin filled up urinary bladder!

Nonchalantly, the driver got off from his FX and headed towards the men’s wash room for his needed piss. All the cussing I could think of in English and Filipino were whispered that day.

After what seemed an eternity the driver returned to the steering wheel. At this point the cell phone started ringing again. It was the boss. And I wasn't able to muster enough courage to answer him. I was almost there anyways.

As we turned left around the Bayani-designated U turn slot, right before us in front of the Katipunan station of the MRT 3, lo and behold! It was a 5 vehicular collision involving five jeepneys. All banged up from front to rear. The smoke was still fresh and the passengers were still in their seats all in a state of shock.

If you ask me how the fuck this happened, well…I still can’t fathom to this day. Freaky as they say. Now this was not an accident with innards, brains and blood all splattered on the road. But it was enough to smash the thick fronts of the jeepneys halfway - - and you know how metal thick those old jeepneys are - - and leave sore bruises to the poor unsuspecting passengers.

There I was imagining what could’ve happened if we we’re a few seconds or minutes earlier? Might've been worse.

It was at this point that I turned to the driver and said, “Pre buti na lang umihi ka.”

The driver, eyes widening slightly with hairs raising from both his hands and forearms replied, “Oo nga no?!”

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Bitten by the Wong Kar Wai bug and seemingly affected by the loom and doom of Valentine’s Day, the paper in hand was victim to some screenplay indulgence. Screenplay scribbles that I may find useful for a maybe future foray into romantic flicks. And since Valentine’s Day is almost here why not share it? The following was inspired by a true story.



I was thinking about what you said last night - - coz I tend to dwell on certain episodes that transpired all throughout the day before I close my eyes and fall asleep, well…like most people - - and as you were speaking I somehow saw an image of you trying, no…struggling to free yourself from this cocoon of hang-ups and frustrations. Although the wings haven’t spread, as it should, it was obvious that this pretty creature - - yeah you - - would soon fly to who-knows-how-much-of-immeasurable-possibilities-that-is-out-there. This to me is why I think your special and why I hold you dear.


That is so sweet. You’re such a gentleman and I like that about you, but let’s leave it at that…

VO: I don’t know what made me say it knowing all too well that she is happily in love with another. Maybe it was the moment caught between the just ended Yuletide season and the impending doom of Valentine’s Day, but for whatever reason I sat there somewhat satisfied. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined speaking such feelings to her. Such a feat for me was like an ambitious and delusional trip to outer space. But that night I made it somehow up to the earth’s ionosphere. And as the lights of the city whizzed behind her and the sounds of the cars whirred past by, all I could do was stare at her. I was stupidly in love and happy.

I ask the forgiveness of those who read this for its corny content. It is, after all, almost Valentine’s Day and what love is all about.

The aforementioned was also inspired by a text message that said, “M glad tht we cud spik freely bout ths…” and the reason for this personal indulgence.

Souljacker wrote LOVE MATERIAL with consent from Fresh Feeling.

Friday, September 03, 2004



If the first blog sounded like an advertorial, well…yeah it was sort of.
PR experience is to blame.
That's coz today in our studio's custody is the Panasonic AG-DVX100A.
Now a piece of the independent moviemaking puzzle is completed.
The next piece is coming soon, the Mac G5-powered Final Cut Pro.
Once all the pieces are in place it looks like our first foray into moviemaking is just around the corner :)

Oh, I’m also adding to the list I gave in the first blog:

Interview with the Assasin (2002)– Directed and written by NEIL BURGER; Photographed by RICHARD RUTKOWSKI.
Homework (2004) – Directed and written by KEVIN ASHER GREEN; Photographed by RICHARD RUTKOWSKI.

And you thought we wouldn’t share the fun?
If you have a shoot coming up and your interested in the camera,
give us a call at 4393259 or email us at

And cut!
That’s a wrap!

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